Keterkaitan Antara Nilai Etika Dengan Akuntansi Keuangan (Tinjauan Atas Praktik Earnings Management)

Widodo, H.Y. Sri (2009) Keterkaitan Antara Nilai Etika Dengan Akuntansi Keuangan (Tinjauan Atas Praktik Earnings Management). Analisis JURNAL BISNIS DAN AKUNTANSI, 03 (01). pp. 449-455. ISSN 1978-9750


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Started in 1990s, Accounting practices introduced many terms like: Creative Accounting, Aggressive Accounting, Earnings Management and Financial Shenanigans. Creative Accounting has a positive meaning in terms of language, that is why so many people accepted and justified this Accounting practice as a good idea. Many Academicians argued that creative accounting is permissible as long as it is not contrary to the rule. In this article we will evaluate Earnings Management from the stand point of Business Ethics. According to ethical principles, one should consider not only legal aspect, but also other domain like social, economic and ethical domain, in making decision. We have to realize that something legal is not necessarily ethical. Earnings Management practices have three main motives that are: market incentives, contracting incentives and regulat01y incentives. All of that motives will give maximum benefit to vety limited number of people at the expense of large number of people. This practice doesn't meet utilitarian theory. In Earnings Management practices Accountant "manipulate" his accounting data, so it can be concluded that it is in contrary with Deontological theory and The Theory of Virtue. There is no right way to do wrong things.

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