Mathematical Modelling Using Integer Linear Programming In A Truck Rental Problem

Puspitasari, Fransiska Hernina and Zhou, G (2018) Mathematical Modelling Using Integer Linear Programming In A Truck Rental Problem. In: International Conference on Mathematical Analysis, its Applications and Learning 2018, September 15, 2018, Yogyakarta, Universitas Sanata Dharma.


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Mathematics is not only about theory, but also talks about the real applications. Nowadays, mathematics is applied to solve problems in physics, economics, biology, engineering, business industries, and many more. This paper discusses a problem using mathematical modelling in one of the industrial optimisation problems, a transportation problem. However, this paper is different from other papers. Instead of solving the kind of demand-supply cases (between sources and destinations), which mostly papers discuss, this case talks about a truck rental problem, which demand-supply activities happen between sources and sources. Here, there are eight truck rentals in some areas. The problem is extracted into mathematical equations producing the objective function and some constrains. The objective function is to minimise the total transportation cost whereas the number of trucks available and the number of trucks required is the constraints. In this problem, the integer linear programming model is used to obtain an optimum solution to determine the number of trucks moved from one truck rental to another truck rental.

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