TLCD Systems on Non-Rigid Pads

Arfiadi, Yoyong and Lisantono, Ade (2012) TLCD Systems on Non-Rigid Pads. In: The 2012 World Congress on Advances in Civil, Environmental, and Materials Research (ACEM’12), 26-30 August 2012, Seoul, Korea.

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Reducing response of structures due to earthquake is the main concern of structural engineers. Many methods have been proposed to control the vibration of buildings; these include passive and active control systems. In practice, passive control systems are more popular than active control ones, and have been used in many buildings, due to their simplicity. Among passive control systems are tuned liquid column dampers (TLCDs). TLCDs rely on the motion of a liquid mass in tube-like containers to counteract the external force. By adjusting the sizes and properties of the liquid, the response reduction can be achieved. Most of TLCDs rest on fixed supports where the column dampers move related to the movement of floor. It is possible that TLCD systems are placed on a flexible support. This paper investigates the effectiveness of TLCD systems rest on rigid pads. When the TLCD rests on a flexible support (pad), the response reduction can also be achieved if the properties of the pad and TLCD are adjusted. The properties of the TLCDs and the properties of the pads are optimized by using real coded genetic algorithms (GAs) with the performance index is taken as H2 norm of the transfer function from external disturbances to the regulated outputs. Numerical examples are the carried out to see the effectiveness of TLCD systems rest on flexible pads in reducing structural response subject to earthquake.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: liquid dampers, response reduction, vibration control, optimization, real coded genetic algorithms, H2 norms
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Sipil > Manajemen Konstruksi
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