Suharyanti, Yosephine (2007) ENHANCING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT IN A LARGE SIZE CLASS OF MATHEMATICAL MODELING BASED COURSES. In: Maranatha Teaching and Learning International Conference 2007 “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education for Developing Countries”, 28-29 November 2007, Bandung.

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One of the difficulties in teaching a large size class is to involve all the students in the learning processes. It is difficult also to measure how far the student could absorb the material given in the class. To assure a continuous improvement in the learning process, measuring the achievement only in midterm or final examination is not adequate. This paper concern with those two problems, i.e. how to enhance the student achievement and how to measure it continuously, especially in mathematical modeling based courses. This paper present a study on the author experience in managing Operations Research classes in undergraduate program of Industrial Engineering Department of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University. There are three approaches have been applied and studied related with enhancing and measuring student achievement continuously. The first approach is running quizzes in the class regularly. The problems for these quizzes are come from the lecturer. The second approach is giving topic based take home assignments regularly after the discussion of the topic. The problems for these assignments are real case based problem created by the student according to the topic previously discussed in the class. The third approach is also giving take home assignments regularly, but the assignments are given before the discussion of the topic in the class, and the problems are come from the lecturer or the textbook. The result of the study shows that the most effective approach to enhance the student achievement is the second approach. The first approach is not quite effective because the students are only enforced to find the solution mathematically without trying to understand the characteristic of a certain mathematical model related with the real case. The third approach is effective only for a few students, i.e. the students having high level of academic capability. Learning by themselves first to do the assignments is too hard for the most undergraduate students of Industrial Engineering Department of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University.

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