Perencanaan Produksi Berhirarki Produk Olahan Kayu Menggunakan Model Goal Programming

Uslianti, Silvia and ANGGORO, P. WISNU (2005) Perencanaan Produksi Berhirarki Produk Olahan Kayu Menggunakan Model Goal Programming. Jurnal Teknologi Industri, 9 (2). pp. 109-120. ISSN 1410-5004

Text (Silvia Uslianti - Paulus Wisnu Anggoro)

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Production planning is a very important activity for a manufacturing company. For a company producing a variety of product the produclion planning will be complicated. In this case it's necessary that the company 10 make an aggregate production planning. There are many goals to achieve in production activities. Where the goal sotnetime differeni from each other. On such condition company needs to make a produclion planning decition thai can accomodate all of the goals. Goal Programmingmodel can be used for aggregate production planning. This multi objective model can accomodate more than one goal which will be achieved by the company. Product demand forecasting is input for aggregate production planning. From this aggregate production, futhermore, disaggregation must be conducted, then it must be contintred by raw material planning. The raw material planning is made irr economical lot size each order. The Goal Programming model has been applied at PT. Arga Tiria Lestari Pontianak in goals to maximize profit, minitnize subcontract product amount, minimize overtime labour cost and minimize inventory amount. The result shows thai the Goal Programming model could accomodate three goals that will be achieved by lhe company, except that goal to minintize inventory annount. The solution provided by the Goal Programming model could reduce the minimize overtime labour cost of the realization by as rnuch as 64%. Least Unit Cost (LUC) and Wagner-Whitin Algorithrn (WW) methods give the minimum total cost for logs raw material planning

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