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The human trafficking in Indonesia have already happen since 1993. The problem of human trafficking is very complex. Which correlated with several factors: economic, education, social culture, and politic which interconnected. This is why the human trafficking is increasing year by year. In this case, children is the victim of human trafficking which fragile physically and mentally. That is way children have to be protected from the practice of human trafficking. In 2007 Indonesia legitimated Act No. 21 of 2007 on Eradication of Human Trafficking. Act No. 21 of 2007 on Eradication of Human Trafficking aims to anticipate all forms of process and method of exploitation which probably happen in the practice of human trafficking, especially children. However, up to now the practice of children trafficking cannot be handled yet effectively. The practice of child trafficking is continuously increasing. Based on the data from International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Indonesia in the year 2008 there is 3.127 victims of human trafficking which 26,5% off it is children. It was caused by several factors which contributed to the practice of human trafficking. One of the fundamental factors is poverty. In Indonesia poverty is the main cause of child trafficking. Many Indonesia people is suffering of poverty, so that they are trying to do anything to survive. One of the ways to survive is child trafficking crime. Because of that reason, Act No. 21 of 2007 on Eradication of Human Trafficking is not effective yet, even though generally the content of it is good. Government should make the act No. 21 of 2007 on Eradication of Human Trafficking implementated strongly. Beside that, Indonesian people should participate in supporting the government to fight against of child trafficking. The problem of the child trafficking can be solved by the good law and fight against poverty.

Item Type: Thesis (S1)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Effective, Children Trafficking
Subjects: Ilmu Hukum > Kenegaraan dan Pemerintah
Divisions: Fakultas Hukum > Program Studi Ilmu Hukum
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Date Deposited: 08 Jul 2013 13:49
Last Modified: 08 Jul 2013 13:49
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