Tridiatno, Yoachim Agus THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS A CASE OF THE SURVIVORS 0F 14th -15th MAY 1998 RIOTS IN SOLO. [Research]

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The research seeks to study forgiveness of the survivors of 14th-15th May 1998 riots in Solo. Considering that the process to reach the willingness to forgive takes long process, the research is eager to explore the process of reaching the choice of willing to forgive, and what steps, as some theories had explained, should be followed, what factors encourage the survivors to prefer forgiveness rather than resentment. It will identify various factors, such as religious teachings and cultural values which influence the survivors in coping with the violent past. On other way, for the survivors who fail to attain the spirit of forgiveness, what factors which block them. It uses Critical Discourse Analysis of Norman Fairclough. Fairclough considered three stages of CDA. The first, description, concerns on text with all its properties. The second, interpretation, concerns on the production and interpretation of text or the relationship between text and interaction. In this regard, it will focus on intertextuality and interdiscursivity. It refers to how the survivors presented their social experience using other texts and discourses as their references. The third, explanation, concerns on the relationship between interaction and social context or the influence of social context to the production and interpretation of text. Answering the first research question, there are four types of response of the survivors. Those four types are: (1) no need forgiving, (2) forgiving (3) not forgiving, and (4) forgetting. Most survivors use “surrender to God as the survival strategy.” It was manifested in textual features such as words, idioms, and other textual grammars such as takdir, kehendak Tuhan, rencana Tuhan, berpasrah diri, nrima, ya sudah etc. Since forgiveness is the important path to attain national reconciliation, hopefully this research can give contribution to the national reconciliation of Indonesia which had some dark history regarding violence in the past.

Item Type: Research
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