Utomo, Junaedi (2012) DRIFT CONTROL DEEP BEAM-TO-DEEP COLUMN SPECIAL MOMENT FRAMES DENGAN SAMBUNGAN RBS. Jurnal Teknik Sipil, 11 (2). pp. 103-110. ISSN 1411-660X

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Beams having high flexural stiffnesses can be utilized to reduce the building drifts to conform within the code requirements. However the large flexural capacities of the beam will increase strength demand of the connection. To avoid the plastic hinges at the connections, the beam-column connections should be designed based on the maximum possible beam flexural strength which is about (1.1-1.2)RyMp. If the top and bottom flanges of the beam are welded directly to the column flange using complete penetration groove welds which have the weld tensile capacity of 0.9FyA, the tensile force in the beam flange is potentially greater than the weld tensile capacity so that some reinforcements, such as cover plates or side plates, are required.When RBS connection is chosen, the flange cut near the ends of the beam will reduce Mp and the tensile force in the beam flange will be reduced as well so that the need for coverplates can be eliminated. The span to depth ratio of a deep beam in steel moment resisting frame generally is not large, the interaction between shear and bending moment should be checked in the design of the beam and the connection. In this paper the design of RBS connection for deep beam to deep column special steel moment resisting frames is doneusing a different approach than the one in the AISC 341-05. Experimental and analytical studies have shown that Euler-Bernoulli hypothesis can not be applied at the connection region. Therefore the truss-analogy model will be used to express the flow of the forces at the connection, starting from the face of the column to the centroid of the plastic hinge. Truss-analogy model developed by Arlekar and Murty will be used to design the beam-column connection, coverplate in this model will be eliminated but the vertical rib is kept. Combination of deep beam and deep column in steel moment resisting frames will make better drift control, economical connection is realized through the RBS connection.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: balok dan kolom dalam, bentang pendek,drift-control,sambungan RBS,truss-analogy
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