Poernomo , Aditya Putra (2015) ANALISIS KLAIM KETERLAMBATAN PROYEK KONSTRUKSI RUMAH SAKIT. Jurnal Magister Teknik Sipil. p1-13.

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The success of a construction project can be achieved when the work is completed at the planned time, according to the allocated costs and meet the required quality. In the achievement of business one of the barriers that often happens is delay project completion time. Delays in construction claims analysis is one of the keys to success for today's construction projects which have an important role in the decisionmaking process. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between the causes of delay to delays in the construction of hospitals, identify those activities that late according to consultants and contractors, and to analyze the frequency and type of claims in hospital construction projects. This study took a sample of 40 respondents consisting of consultants and contractors involved in the construction of the hospital project Factors causing delays obtained by factor analysis then performed multiple linear regression to obtain three significant factors for hospital construction project delays that information factor, material factors, and equipment factors that can explain 33.7% of delay. To obtain the dominant group work late used independent sample ttest, the results obtained are most often work late are the types of mechanical electrical work, and there are 4 groups of work that has significant delay difference according to consultants and contractors that ceiling and partition work, painting work, power & lighting panels work and the water pump & water heater work. Analysis of the frequency and types of claims using the chi-square test was obtained levels of the most common claim is a claim extra time at no additional cost to the average value of 3:24, and the frequency of claims is more often done by a contractor with experience of working in over 5 years.

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