MEMINIMALKAN PENIMBUNAN KALOR DENGAN VENTILASI SILANG MEKANIS (Studi Kasus: Desain Student Center Universitas Atma JayaYogyakarta)

SIBERO, IVAN CHRISTOPEL (2015) MEMINIMALKAN PENIMBUNAN KALOR DENGAN VENTILASI SILANG MEKANIS (Studi Kasus: Desain Student Center Universitas Atma JayaYogyakarta). S2 thesis, UAJY.

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Efforts to create thermal comfort has long been done in the tropics. One way to create comfort in the room is by entering the fresh air through the vents. This air exchange systems generally utilize natural ventilation system. The advantage of natural ventilation through the fresh air ventilation, utilizing outside air into the building is also advantageous because there is no unused electrical energy load. Fresh air is felt occupants in the room is due to the evaporation process, winds on the surface of the skin can reduce the surface temperature of the human skin. Creating a natural ventilation system is a common way to help the exchange of air in the room. Natural ventilation is basically just rely on natural wind blowing from the outside, but not all locations have high wind speeds and constant. It required a tool to increase the speed of the exchange of indoor air, so that the process of replacing / air exchange is constant and sufficiency, by using the "Exhaust Fan" or "Ventilating Fan". This system often also referred to as system "Mechanical Ventilation". Application of the simulation results of cross ventilation of mechanical model of building Student Center with an array of fan system UAJY indicate the movement of the air flow in the room. The maximum air flow rate on field observations in the middle indicates flow velocities of up to 0,3-1,5 m/s m/s, the speed of air flow is obtained by combining the supply fan exhaust fan speed 2750 RPM in its field and fan exhaust with speed 2750 RPM in the audience tribune area. The test results also indicate the movement of air temperature distribution in space. The movement was visible from the air temperature at the mouth of distinction-channel supply of 30,25 oC and air temperature the fan exhaust mouth of 31,67 oC.

Item Type: Thesis (S2)
Uncontrolled Keywords: air temperature distribution, flow rate, mechanical ventilation
Subjects: Magister Teknik Arsitektur > Digital Arsitektur
Divisions: Pasca Sarjana > Magister Teknik Arsitektur
Depositing User: Editor UAJY
Date Deposited: 27 Feb 2015 12:46
Last Modified: 27 Feb 2015 12:46

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