Object Library for Evolutionary Technique (ET-Lib)

Su, Nguyen Bach and Ai, The Jin and Kachitvichyanukul, Voratas Object Library for Evolutionary Technique (ET-Lib). [Research]

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The first version of the library of Evolutionary Techniques (ET-Lib) was developed in2008 at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. The purpose of this library isto provide the researchers and students who are working on various optimizationproblems with a general and effective tool based on various evolutionary techniques.The first release contains mainly the Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm withmultiple social learning terms (GLNPSO). Currently, GLNPSO algorithm is completely written in C# as an object-orientedlibrary. The library includes all the necessary classes and routines which can be used toimplement the PSO algorithm. Users with little programming knowledge can still useclasses provided in this ET-library to solve basic problems. For more complicatedproblems, it is recommended that the users are familiar with C# programming languageat elementary level. This manual is organized into 4 chapters. The first chapter will provide users who arenew to the PSO concept the first introduction to this algorithm. Chapter 2 is used toexplain the structure of the GLNPSO algorithm and a basic example are given toexplain how to solve a simple problem with GLNPSO algorithm. In chapter 3, somepractical applications of GLNPSO are presented with the introduction to such additionalfeatures as re-initialization, and multi-stage PSO. Finally, Chapter 4 discusses anextension of GLNPSO algorithm to deal with multi-objective optimization problems

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